Halloween Party Inspiration

You may have read my recent post on halloween where I looked at Halloween party accessories. Here are a few more ideas for your Halloween party that will make sure all your guests are suitably spooked!

Halloween Tableware (main image above)

A themed table is one of the best ways for you to decorate your home for a Halloween party. The buffet table is always the focal point of any party so making it spooktacular will create the perfect atmosphere. There's a huge range available from Aldi at really reasonable prices too.

Misfortune Cookies

These jet black misfortune cookies are the evil twin of fortune cookies! Bite into the crunchy cookie and inside you'll find a dark prophecy wishing you bad luck, you won't find any promises of love and fortune in these! In a box you'll find 13 individually wrapped cookies, being a graphic designer I love the packaging and illustrations and the cookies are tasty too. You can buy them on Amazon for £11.

Fabric party bags

I love these fabric party bags from Charliemoos, they're great for Halloween parties or trick or treating and the bag can be kept and used again and again. For just £1.95 they're really good value and once you've eaten all your treats, they're great to use for keeping your Halloween decorations in until next year.

Themed Balloons

Balloons are a fantastic way to decorate any party and these Halloween balloons will add a spooky theme to your party room. There is a whole range of Halloween balloons on the Bubblegum Balloons website and prices start from £5.95. You could keep it simple and have a few black and orange balloons or go for a more elaborate display like these pictured.

Spider Web cups

These black and white spider web cups are ideal for your Halloween cocktails and will compliment your Halloween buffet or party table perfectly. They're just £2.99 from www.gingerray.co.uk.

Cadbury's Halloween Chocolate

Cadbury have a great selection of Halloween treats including Cadbury crunch spider and the Cadbury screme egg. Your little monsters will love the delicious Cadbury chocolate wrapped in spooky Halloween packaging. Cadbury also have a good selection of treat size chocolates, I've got the 40 piece Heroes party bag and the 12 piece Crunchie bag, perfect for when the trick or treaters call round.

Bag of Bones Skeleton Decoration

Build this skeleton on Halloween then hang it up to scare trick or treaters or as part of your party decorations. This is one party guest who doesn't need a costume! You can buy it from Talking Tables for £8.

Drinks Labels

Serve your Halloween guests some 'I Scream Soda' or 'Feverish Fizz with these adhesive bottle labels. Stick them on your party drinks bottles or mix up a Halloween cocktail and put it in an empty bottle labelled as Ghoul Aid, the brighter coloured the cocktail the better!

Halloween Photo Booth Props

There's no excuse for not dressing up on Halloween but just in case you have guests not in costume, get them to use these costume props and get them in the Halloween spirit! They're £7.50 from www.gingerray.co.uk.

Halloween Pumpkin Lanterns

I don't think you can have too many decorations at a Halloween party and I love these orange lanterns from Poundland. In fact you'll find a whole range of partyware in there so it's worth taking a look.


  1. Great round up! Thank you for including Charlie Moo's fabric party bags.

    1. Thank you Joanne and you're very welcome :)


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