Embracing Autumn

I love summer. I love everything about it (apart from the wasps), the feel of the warm sun on my face, sitting in my garden at the weekend, trips to the seaside, family holidays, there are so many things I enjoy about my favourite season. At the end of each summer I have a feeling of sadness that it's gone for another year and a feeling of dread that the colder seasons are on their way and I won't feel that warm sun on my face again for a long time. 

This year, however, I've decided to embrace the new season and make the most of what Autumn has to offer. Autumn used to be about which Halloween party you were going to or dress shopping for the Christmas party. Now I have two young children though it's more about what they can look forward to over the next few months. Halloween party planning has got them both very excited for October 31st, and conker and leaf collecting (my daughter's findings from today pictured above) have become new ways to keep them entertained on autumn walks. I'll always be longing for the warmth of summer but this year I'm excited about the next few months and the things we've got planned. We've even written Christmas lists and booked Santa train tickets already now that's something to look forward too!

It's not all bad, there are some things I like about Autumn, like the changing colours of the leaves and being able to wear warm woolly jumpers on a freezing cold day, and also cosy nights in with a hot chocolate, sat under a blanket in front of the tv. It may not have the warm sunshine but maybe this year I can learn to love Autumn after all...

What are your favourite things about Autumn?


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