Bathroom Project

Following on from my recent Bedroom Makeover post, I thought I'd share our bathroom project which was an even bigger transformation.
When we bought our house there was no bath in the bathroom (see picture, below) the previous owners had replaced it with a large walk-in cubicle in which they'd installed a remote controlled power shower. However, as a family with two young children we really needed a bath so this was one of the first jobs we did in the house when we moved in.

Removing the shower cubicle and fittings meant leaving the tiles around that area messy or damaged so we decided it was a good opportunity to re-tile the whole bathroom to update it and give the room a more contemporary look. The shower was a very good quality one so we decided to keep it and it was perfect for using over the new bath.

We also kept the wooden floor, mirrored cabinet, toilet, basin and vanity unit, they were fairly new and were all good quality fittings, which meant we just had to pay for a new bath, bath fittings and tiles. It still amazes me that we managed to do the whole bathroom so cheaply and how lucky we were with the quality of the fixtures and fittings that came with the house. If we'd bought everything new the whole project would have been well over our budget.

Our neighbour from our old house is a plumber and he fitted the bathroom for us and he also did a fantastic job with the tiling. The tiling around the window proved to be very tricky and took him an extra day to do but it was worth the extra time and effort. The window looks fantastic and it's my favourite feature in the room as its such a focal point. We have the same mosaic tiles as a feature behind the taps on the bath too which ties the two areas room together.

The buddha's head came with us from the bathroom in our old house and this shelf is the perfect place for him! I love the finished room now, as well as being a practical bathroom it looks amazing!
Now where's the bubble bath...


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