Rice Krispie Cake Chaos

This weekend I braved making Rice Krispie cakes with my children.

I knew it would have to be a fairly quick activity as I strapped my daughter into her high chair. Like most toddlers, she has a very short attention span and trying to measure, mix and melt the ingredients while keeping her happy would be a tricky task. Throw my son into the mix (not literally) and I knew it would be a slightly messy and chaotic half hour ahead.

I've only ever made cakes with my son on his own, which is fine as he's old enough to help and enjoys measuring out and mixing (and licking the spoons). Having never done this kind of thing with my daughter before though I wasn't sure how it was going to go. As there wasn't a lot she could really do to actually help during the measuring and melting stage, I found just letting her eat Rice Krispies (and watch peppa pig) was enough to keep her happy. 

Unfortunately, just at the moment she started to make noises that she was bored, I had to frantically mix up some more chocolate mixture as we realised that the quantity we'd made was nowhere near enough to cover the Rice Krispies. This meant I just threw in the rest of the chocolate bar (sadly I was saving that for later), hacked some butter off the block and dolloped another spoonful of syrup into the mixture and hoped for the best as my daughter's whinings were getting more persistent.

My daughter calmed down when I let her have a go at stirring the mixture in the bowl, she seemed fascinated with all the Rice Krispies. She also attempted to fill a cake case with the mixture and this was going quite well until she tried to eat the paper case so I had to swap the case for more Rice Krispies.

Luckily, as were spooning the last of the mixture into the cases, my husband arrived back, just in time to retrieve my daughter from her Rice Krispie covered chair. Phew!

I'm please to say we all survived (including the kitchen) and the cakes were actually really yummy, I think my extra mix of ingredients made all the difference. It's just a shame there was no chocolate left for later.

Here's my adapted recipe for chocolatey Rice Crispy Cakes.


200g bar chocolate

4 tbsp golden syrup

80g Rice Krispies

70g unsalted butter (chopped into small pieces)


Break up the chocolate into a microwaveable bowl/jug and melt at 30 second intervals. Stir after each interval.Add the butter to the melted chocolate and stir until it is all melted.
Add the golden syrup and mix well.
Add the Rice Krispies to the mixture and stir until all the Rice Krispies are covered in the chocolate mixture.
Spoon into 12 cake cases and leave in the fridge to set.


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