Nap Time

I have two days off a week from my graphic design job when I spend my time entertaining my 16 month old daughter, cleaning, shopping, washing, drying, ironing and tidying up. Most of the things on this list I do while my daughter is taking a nap and I also have to fit in my lunch and a cup of tea to recharge my batteries. I try and do all this as quietly as I can so as not to wake her up (she's a very light sleeper) - If she wakes up early then my list of things doesn't get done. So two hours of my day are spent trying to get my jobs done, quietly creeping past her bedroom (our new house has very creaky floorboards) with arms full of washing and cleaning products, hoping that today will be a record sleep time so I can get everything done before she wakes up.
I do wonder what will happen when she grows out of naps (I know I've got a while yet), when will I get stuff done? I don't want to spend what should be quality time with her just doing chores and I like to leave weekends free for family time. My daughter likes pretending to sweep up with the brush we keep in the kitchen so maybe I'll make cleaning into a fun a game so she can help me out!

When I get back to work after my two days off (usually leaving a half cleaned house that didn't quite get finished) I certainly make the most it, sitting at my desk enjoying a hot cup of tea, work seems like a doddle. I can't remember the last time had a cup of tea while it was still hot on my 'days off'!


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