Autumn garden

I'm not really into gardening so much, I'd rather sit in the garden on a sun lounger with a glass of wine than get my hands dirty. Our old house had a garden that we made the best of but it was always something we wanted to dig up and re-design. It had a really pathetic water feature that had the worlds smallest fountain and an overgrown, moss covered 'waterfall'. It was a novelty for my son to switch on and off with the square plastic switch on the wall and see the water 'burst' out of the undergrowth in a feeble fashion. The garden was also long and narrow with a big tree that put most of the garden in shadow in the summer months. We did try to make the most of it; my husband and dad built a nice decked patio area and we bought some colourful pots that I filled with flowers every year. However, we always longed for more space, especially when my son got older and he wanted to play out more.

We moved house in June this year and our new home came with a huge garden which is perfect. There are so many plants, trees and flowers in it, I see something new everytime I walk around it and now we're into autumn the garden is really stunning. My favourite tree is a birch (I had to google it as I don't have a clue!) it's a gorgeous copper colour all year round but at the moment it's shedding it's bark and it looks amazing (see pic above). There are also few shrubs that have changed into lovely red and yellow shades and red berries are popping up everywhere.

Even though its gorgeous at the moment, I know in a couple of months or so, the colours will have gone and the cold weather will arrive making me want to hide indoors baking cakes and cooking comfort food rather than wander round the garden. Then I'll be looking forward to Spring when it's starting to get warmer and I can de-spider my sunlounger and sit outside again once more.


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