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I once did a chocolate course at college which consisted of 8 lessons on tempering chocolate and making chocolate moulds and decorations. By the end of it I still couldn't get the hang of tempering chocolate without the help of the teacher. Anything creative I'm fine with but anything slightly 'technical' and I haven't got the patience for it (My digital SLR is usually set to Auto). I understand the process behind tempering and know how to do it but when I tried it at home the chocolate didn't have the right consistency and dried streaky and dull - I haven't bothered since!

When I was introduced to Choco Writers from Cake Decor I was amazed at how easy it was to have melted chocolate ready to use in minutes. I was also impressed with how easy they were to use and how little mess there was. The tube of chocolate is placed in a jug of boiling hot water for 2-3 minutes then removed and dried. You then squeeze up and down the tube to make sure all the chocolate has melted and snip off the end of the nozzle with scissors. You are then ready to go! What a relief that there is no Bain marie, thermometer or marble slab involved like with the traditional tempering method!
You can decorate biscuits, cakes, chocolates, squeeze it onto waffles or ice cream or you can write messages on birthday cakes.

You can also do what me and my son did and trace over stencils onto grease proof paper with the Choco Writers. We left the chocolate to set in the fridge and soon we had solid heart and star decorations to decorate our cupcakes with. My son really enjoyed doing it (as did I!) and we were really pleased with the finished chocolate decorations, which also tasted good too!

For tips and more information on Choco Writers visit You'll also find lots of printable stencils to try and some great cake decorating ideas. You can buy Choco Writers from Amazon and Lakeland.


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