Spring Time

Outside, the bleak signs of winter are slowly disappearing under lovely spring colours of daffodils, snowdrops and crocus. I love this time of year, everyone has had enough of winter and we're all ready for some warmer weather and some colour in the garden.
It's been interesting seeing our garden changing over the last few months through Autumn and Winter and now we are seeing lots of Spring flowers popping up that we didn't know we had. The garden is already full of colour and it's lovely to see after the empty, dead looking flower beds we've had since November.
I had a wander round today as the sun was shining and I wanted to try out my new camera lens, the bright flowers seemed like the perfect subject matter! I even saw a bumble bee buzzing around the flowers and managed to capture him in one of my photos (below).

I'm feeling excited for the warmer weather now and can't wait to get the garden tidied up and get some new furniture and accessories so I can make the most of the nice sunny days I'm hoping we'll have (surely we're due a good summer?).
I also want to get the kids involved with the garden. If I can tear my son away from his football and keep my little girl still for 5 minutes then I'm going to plant some sunflower seeds with them. It will be fun to see who can grow the tallest sunflower and it's a good way to introduce them to gardening - I'll have them pulling up the weeds in no time!
Here are some Spring pictures to brighten your day!


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