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I recently wrote a blog post about our new garden lounge (click here to take a look) and now that the room is finished I want to accessorise it to give it a bit of style and make it feel more homely. I think rooms can look a bit unloved if there's no artwork on the walls or a few cool accessories dotted around. If you choose a subtle theme that's not over done, a room can be transformed into a stylish space without having to spend a fortune.
The look I want to go for in our garden lounge is a nautical/beach hut look so shades of blue and white with subtle stripes and textures are what I have in mind. I bought a lighthouse souvenir in Cyprus last year and that inspired the theme as I love the colours and it's a fun theme too which is perfect for our lounge which is used as a play room. We also have a fishing boat print that we bought in Padstow, Cornwall, a few years ago which will look perfect hung on our clean white walls.

I've been looking around for some inspiration and ideas and I've put together a wish list of my top 6 nautical themed accessories. It was going to be a top 5 but I like all these too much to leave one out!

1. Trimaran Stripe Indoor Pouffe

I love this pouffe (£250 from Dash & Albert Europe), you can also buy the Trimaran stripe denim cushion to match, (see main photo at the top of the page) which are £58 also from Dash & Albert Europe. The stripes are typically nautical and are a classic design which will look great in our bright sunny room. All the cushions in the range really compliment each other and if we didn't already have a settee in there I think i'd be copying the one in the main photo!

2. Knot Door Stopper

This door stopper from Astella Hrela is on sale at the moment for £19 instead of £29. As well as being perfect for the nautical look it's also very practical for keeping the doors into the lounge open (handy when the kids are running from one room to the other!)

3. Progetti Capri Cuckoo Clock

Although the price tag is above my budget I really love this cuckoo clock. At £245 it is a bit of a luxury but I wanted to add it in my list as it's so adorable! If your budget can stretch to this then you can buy it from Red Candy, they are hand made to order in Italy and I'd love to have one on my wall.

4. Stripe Spot Gingham Bunting

This bunting is perfect for brightening up book cases or shelves. I'm thinking of doing up an old IKEA book case we have and this will be perfect for decorating it with. The bunting is only £8 and you can buy it from B&Q.

5. Wet Felted Seaside Picture

I think having a few pictures on the wall is the best way to finish a room off. Bare walls make a room look unfinished and having a bright textured picture like this one adds a nice focal point to the room. I like the fact that each of these felted, embellished pictures is made to order so each one is a unique piece or art created just for you. You can buy one from Elsie and Fleur for £55.

6. Distressed Frames

Photo frames are a really easy way to accessorise a room and every room should have some family photos in it. I really like these frames, I love the texture of the wood and the natural colours. They are available from In Spaces and are £37 for the set of two.

So there is my wish list, now I'd better get saving up for that cuckoo clock!


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