School run stress

I was sat in traffic earlier this week, on the way to school to drop my son off, when the DJ on the radio started talking about a recent survey which revealed that the most stressful part of the week for most people is the school run. I could completely relate to this, sat frustrated in a queue of cars going nowhere fast. The fact I was sat in the queue with my son dressed in his uniform, school bag packed, teeth brushed, face washed is a minor miracle in itself.
I drop my daughter at nursery first, then take my son to school before I join more queues and two motorways to get to work. It's a pretty tight schedule and the whole routine of getting them both ready to leave the house on time is hard work. They both want to play rather than get dressed or brush their teeth which is understandable, they're children after all, but this means you're constantly battling with them to get ready rather than play with the Bat Cave or watch Sponge Bob. I feel like I'm constantly barking orders; "eat your breakfast", "go to the toilet", "drink your milk", "put your shoes on", "EAT YOUR BREAKFAST". 
IT'S HARD (sorry) It's hard work getting 2 little people washed, fed, dressed, washed again, shoes and coats on, school bags ready and in the car for a certain time when they have no real concept of time (sounds like bliss!) You can guarantee at least once a week my daughter will do a dirty nappy just as we're about to leave the house too.
Once I get to school, there's the battle to get my son into the building through the crowd of children all trying to get through the door at once when the doors open, then I run back to the car and do the 'work run'. The last leg of the journey to work is spent sitting in yet more traffic but it's a slightly calmer me now with both children in the safe hands of other people and the radio is on instead of my daughter's beloved Rhythm Time CD (which I annoyingly have stuck in my head on repeat for the rest of the day).
By the time I finally get to work at 9.30am, it's a relief to sit down and have a cup of tea and be very grateful that my husband will be doing the school run in the afternoon!


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