Elf on the shelf

Last year we started the Elf on the Shelf tradition in our house. It took a lot of planning and preparation to make sure Edward Elf got up to mischief every day for 24 days of December. My son loved it and this year my daughter (who will be 19 months then) will be able to enjoy Edward too, though I think the 'no touching' rule will have to be more flexible for her curious hands!
It can take some organisation, some nights me and my husband would be about to go up to bed and we'd remember we'd not done anything with Edward and have to think of a creative idea last minute. Some nights though we'd be more prepared and set up a scene for the elf and the more fun the better! One that my son loved (and we loved setting up!) was a snowball (cotton wool) fight between Buzz Lightyear, Woody and Edward. Cotton wool was scattered all over the living room rug and a Lego defence wall was smashed by the snowballs, flattening Buzz and Woody. My favourite antic was cutting out tiny fake moustaches and sticking them to all out family pictures so it looked like we all had a moustache!
I am slightly worried that I need to find Edward Elf, since we moved house in June I can't remember where I unpacked him! I have an idea where he is but need to dig him out this week to make sure. I also need to buy a few treats for the kids as these are easy ones to do - Edward can just bring a christmas treat when we run out of creative ideas!
Does anyone else do Elf on the Shelf? What does yours get up to?


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