Love changes everything

From the moment you find out you're pregnant you're life changes forever.

But while you're nurturing your growing bump, reading your pregnancy books and setting up a Pinterest board for the nursery, you can't begin to imagine how having children will affect your day to day life and you as a new parent.

Fast forward to child number two and that first pregnancy seems like a lifetime ago - which I suppose technically it is. The BC (before children) you was happily unaware of the chaos, stress and piles of bright plastic toys that were to become part of your everyday life. The changes in your life AC (after children) aren't just having 2 beautiful babies which you love more than life itself and the happiness that that brings. No, the changes that no one tells you about are the little ones that gradually happen that you don't notice until it suddenly hits you. You're not just [insert your name here] anymore but you're 'mummy' and that has become your most important role above everything else.

Obviously your priorities change, which is how it should be, but some simple every day things change too that nothing can prepare you for:


BC: Your handbag contained your phone, a purse (with money in it!), some lipgloss, makeup, receipts for clothes you bought yourself last week, tickets to the last gig you went to and probably not much else.
AC: Now your bag has a long strap so you can wear it across your body and it's contents have changed somewhat, the same purse is there but it's now a bit tatty (not much money in it now!), a phone (full of pictures of the kids), used tissues, an emergency kids snack, a green crayon, a chocolate wrapper, Iggle piggle, an item of child's clothing (probably a sock) and there are always mysteriously some loose raisins at the bottom of the bag. Oh, and you also now have a second bag for the baby but that's a whole other blog post.


BC: It was your pride and joy and you loved entertaining friends here. Carefully styled with cushions and throws and it was usually pretty clean and tidy.
AC: It's a tip. There are toys everywhere, washing drying around the house, bits of food on the floor and little handprints on the walls and windows. Random bits of bright plastic can be found in every room and the only entertaining you do in your house now is singing Baa Baa Black Sheep.


BC: Your car was your freedom to drive where you wanted, when you wanted. If you fancied a shopping trip you could nip out to the shops, fling the bags in the boot and maybe call on your friend for a coffee on the way back. You kept it clean and you could fit four of your friends in if you were having a night out.
AC: No room for your friends anymore as the space has been filled with children's car seats (my daughters fancy seat rotates like she's a judge on The Voice). The footwells contain discarded toys, chocolate wrappers, crumbs and more raisins. There is now a pram in the boot so no room for shopping anymore but that's ok as you don't go shopping anymore (not since the 'smashed jars of baby food' incident in Morrisons).


BC: You had a regular haircut and your colour was done every six weeks. You also washed your hair regularly so it was always clean and shiny. You wore makeup most days and liked to keep up with the latest fashion or at least you'd spend time deciding what to wear each day.
AC: Your roots are now a dark stripe up the middle of your head which you've been meaning to get done at the hairdressers for weeks. You discover dry shampoo and it's a revelation. You dress in comfy clothes and usually loose fitting tops to hide your baby belly. There is quite often a mysterious stain on your top or food smeared on your jeans.

It's not all bad though (honestly!) as despite all these changes which have crept into your life, the biggest change is your happiness, yes the house is a tip and yes you're exhausted all the time but who cares when the love you have for you kids makes you happier than you ever been - this is the best change of all.


  1. Haha, I can relate to all of those, well said : )

  2. A fun look at the changes into the life as a parent. Rest assured the BC you does return as they get older! #BritMumsCarnival

    1. Thanks! I'm glad to hear that, though part of me will probably miss the AC me!

  3. Love this post. All parents should read it (and probably weep for the tidiness of their BC lives!)

    1. Thanks Emma! Maybe babies should come with a warning to prepare new parents what's to come!


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