Happy new year

Happy new year! We’re well into January now and probably the only things left of Christmas are a few chocolates that you've abandoned in a bid to start being healthy, some Christmas cake that you’ve got fed up of eating and some pine needles off the Christmas tree that are still embeded in the carpet, even though you’ve vacuumed up the crumbs of Christmas over a week ago.

We had a lovely Christmas and new year with family and friends and most of our time was spend slobbing out watching tv and eating chocolate and cheese (in large quatities). The weather in the north west of England was typically wet so we didn’t have much opportunity to walk it off and get some fresh air. I'm hoping the sun makes an appearance soon or at least for the rain to stop so the kids can run around outside.

So now we’re in a new year, a time when a lot of people plan holidays, make resolutions to be healthy and do more excersise. I never make any resolutions but I know once we have booked a summer holiday I will be inspired to do more exercise and eat healthier to try and shift the Christmas pounds! I’m not so much into diets though, I think a bit of what you fancy does you no harm and as long as you’re eating fruit and veg and eat reasonably well most of the week then a little bit of cake here and there makes you happier in the long run!

On my blog this year I'll be posting plenty of recipes and also some more general posts with family and creative bits and pieces, I hope you'll pop by for a visit.

Whatever your plans are for 2016, I hope it’s a happy and healthy one!


  1. Happy New Year :) Completely agree with you on the eating healthy but no need for diets! I'm still finishing the Christmas chocolate!

    Zoe | floral and feather

    1. Me too Zoe, I think it will keep us going until Easter we have so much, and then we can start on the chocolate eggs :)


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