Beat the January Blues

My blog home page still looks very Christmassy with images of Christmas recipes and christmas decorations but I haven’t had time to write many blog posts since the new year and if I’m being honest I’ve not felt very inspired to write! Nothing happens in January! After the busy month of December with Christmas recipes to bake, presents to wrap and parties to go to, January just seems a bit boring. Everyone’s a bit down after Christmas, the weather is rubbish, the days are dark and wet and nothing has made me want to write.

Well I’ve decided this weekend that to I’m going to bake to cheer myself up (and my sweet toothed family) and I’ll make sure I put the results on here to give you something cheery to bake too! I’m thinking something very chocolatey will do the trick, doesn’t chocolate contain happy hormones (or something like that?) I’m off to look for a recipe that contains lots of chocolate!

The weather is finally looking sunny for the weekend too, so even if it’s freezing cold, I think getting wrapped up and getting some (very) fresh air at the park with the kids will blow the cobwebs away and having a yummy cake to come home too might just make another boring January day into a refreshing chocolatey one!

Have a good weekend!


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