Mr Frosty Review

Every December when I was a little girl, I used to spend hours pouring over the Argos catalogue with a pen, circling all the toys that I wanted Father Christmas to bring me. Like many children in the 1980s I longed for a Care Bear, a My Little Pony, a Speak and Spell, a Nintendo Donkey Kong and a Mr Frosty. I didn't always get what I wanted (I did circle a LOT of toys!) but the one toy I always really wanted every year was a Mr Frosty. I don't know what it was that made him so appealing but he got a circle drawn around him every year. Maybe it was because he crushed ice and made ice lollies, what other toy could do that?

Looking back I can see why my mum and dad didn't buy him for me, I would probably have made a huge mess in the kitchen and broken it before the new year (I was a clumsy child). As I got older, the toys on my Christmas list disappeared and were replaced with a Walkman and a Wham album. I'm please to see Mr Frosty is still being made as I always planned to get my own children a Mr Frosty one day (so I could play with it!)

When Hawkin's Bazaar asked if I would like to review a Mr Frosty it was like a beam of shining light into my Mr Frostyless life. Ok thats a bit dramatic but let's just say I said yes and waited for days with excitement for the postman to knock on my door with my special delivery.

So, is Mr Frosty as good as I thought he would be when I was seven? Well, my six year old son and two year old daughter thought so. We made ice lollies, crushed ice, squirted fruit juice, made fruit shaped juicy ice cubes and basically had lots of fun! I have to say they did have a lot more fun than I did but then it is aimed at them and not me. I was more bothered about them squirting juice at each other or spilling juice on the carpet but I'm glad to say not much mess was made and they had a great time playing with it.

My son did a good job of pouring the juice into the lolly and ice cube moulds (only a bit of spillage and I was stood by with the kitchen roll ready to mop up), and he liked turning the handle to crush the ice, though I did need to help him a little bit. My daughter really liked the squirty penguin and squeezing the juice out into the bowl but everyone's favourite bit was definitely eating the fruity crushed ice.

Mr Frosty is definitely a great way to cool the kids down on a hot day and I'm sure he'll be keeping my children entertained all summer.

I wonder if Hawkin's Bazaar have a Nintendo Donkey Kong...


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