Introducing the Gro-snug

A while ago I wrote a review for The Gro Company (read it here) and I said what a fan I was of Gro products, both my children had and still have Gro sleeping bags and now the Gro night light. Gro make products that are designed to make parent's lives easier and children happier and this is certainly what I have found with the products I have used.
I'm happy to introduce to you The Gro Company's new innovation, the Gro-Snug. It is a combined swaddle and Grobag that is a safer alternative to loose bedding. It is designed to help newborn babies sleep comfortably and safely thanks to the calming benefits of swaddling and the secure sleeping bag that will keep them warm.
As all parents know, newborn babies have a startle reflex which means any slight noise can make them jump and wake them up. I remember my son jumping at every little noise when he was a newborn, his arms would fly up in the air each time and he'd start crying. Swaddling is a great way of soothing babies and helping them to settle which is why this sleeping bag is extra special.
Gro tell me that in a new product trial, families reported their babies got to sleep quicker and stayed asleep longer with the Gro-Snug. I wish this had been around when my children were born!
The Gro-Snug is available in 3 different fabric designs and 2 different weights so you can have 'lightweight' in summer or in warmer bedrooms and 'cosy' for cooler bedrooms or cooler seasons.
Another great feature is the zipped opening at the bottom of the sleeping bag for those night-time nappy changes (I don't miss those!)

Gro-Snug is really easy to use and can also be used as a normal Grobag when your baby is a bit older and doesn't need to be swaddled. Watch this video to see how easy it is!
I have two pregnant friends and I think this will be the perfect gift - it will be great for helping their new babies sleep which means it might help my friends get some precious sleep too!
You can buy your Gro-snug here for just £22.99.


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