Snowman Christmas Cake

Due to a busy few weeks I had left it quite late to decorate my Christmas cake and as I only had a couple of hours spare I had to think of something quick and easy to do. I also wanted my son to help me as we've not had time to make a gingerbread house or bake Christmas cookies like we have done in previous years so wanted to think of something that would be fun for him to do too. The finished cake is not at all what I had in mind when I baked the cake all those weeks ago but I love the end result. Thank you to Pinterest for the inspiration!

As I removed the cake from the cake tin and took it out of it's paper and foil wrapping an amazing smell drifted out - I've been feeding the cake with brandy for the last few weeks and it now had that wonderful Christmassy smell. I couldn't wait to try some on Christmas day, I do find it frustrating that after baking a Chrsitmas cake you have to wait weeks before eating it!

To start off with I covered the the cake with marzipan and white sugarpaste, then the fun part could begin! I rolled out some blue sugar paste to make the hat shape then stuck another strip across the edge to make the rim of the hat. I marked the detail on with a cake decorating tool and my son rolled the remaining blue sugar paste into a ball to make the bobble. We coloured some sugar paste to make the black eyes and and the carrot shape for the nose. Next I marked the mouth on the snowman's face with the cake decorating tool and my son dusted the cheeks and mouth details with some red dusting powder. We finished off the snowman with some white chocolate balls to add to the snowy effect. We had lots of fun decorating the cake and it didn't take us long to do.

I have to say the cake was worth waiting for - it's delicious!


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