Homemade Christmas peg wreath

Here's a really easy craft project to do with the kids. I used a paper plate, pegs, ribbon, glue dots and raffia, however, you could use any materials to decorate the wreath. You could use Christmas wrapping paper to cover the plate or you could paint the pegs in Christmas colours, whatever you like to make it feel festive.

Start off by cutting strips of ribbon to a length that is just longer than the pegs, then attach a strip of ribbon to each peg, I used glue dots as it's less messy but any strong glue will be fine. I used 17 pegs on my wreath but use as many as you like. Bear in mind though the more pegs you use the heavier the plate will be and the top edges may start to sag if they're weighed down too much.

Next, cut out a circle from the middle of your plate. I drew round a bowl to get a neat line to cut around. Then start to wrap the raffia around the plate until it is covered all the way round. Secure the ends with sticky tape at the back of the plate.

Once the plate is completely covered, you can start attaching the decorated pegs. Again I used glue dots to stick them on. Evenly space the pegs all the way round the plate, the wider edge of the peg in the centre and the closed end of the peg on the outside of the plate.

All you need to do now is fasten some ribbon or string at the top so you can hang your wreath up.
If you want to add more decoration, you could hang a bauble or star shape in the centre of the plate. You can clip all sorts of things to your wreath, Christmas cards, baubles, cut out Christmas shapes and pictures, tinsel, bows, whatever you like!

Tips: If you want to hang heavier decorations or large christmas cards then instead of a paper plate, I'd use thick cardboard or polystyrene. For an even stronger wreath you could use a wire coat hanger: bend into a circle shape and string the pegs directly onto the wire.


  1. This is so cute! I love making handmade decorations, shall have to try this one :)



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