Baru hot chocolate

Following on from my recent hot chocolate posts (the perfect hot chocolate and alternative hot chocolate) Baru very kindly sent me some of their high quality hot chocolate powders to review.

Baru produces an exquisite range of hot chocolate made from real Belgian chocolate. As I found when I opened the attractive tin, this chocolate drink is different to other chocolate powder drinks I've had before (in a good way) because in the tin mixed with the powder is a selection of fun chocolate shapes – letters, hats, moons, stars etc. which gently melt into the hot chocolate. Plus there are mini marshmallows too so no need to buy separate ones! Best of all though is that this powder is made from real Belgian chocolate and you can tell in the lovely velvety taste. My kids loved the taste and the marshmallows but they really loved the fun chocolate shapes and watching them melt in the milk!

I also tried the peppermint hot chocolate which I found really refreshing and my kids loved it. It's nice to have another option in your cupboard for when you fancy something different.

I love a 'proper' hot chocolate and normally I don't like powdered ones as they taste artificial and not very chocolatey. I think it's a good idea though to have a good quality instant one like Baru in the cupboard for when you don't have the fresh ingredients to make one from scratch or you just can't wait and want a decent hot chocolate pretty quickly!

The chocolate powders are available from retail stores and the RRP is £4.00.

Disclaimer: This Baru sample was provided to me free of charge in order for me to review it, however, the opinions expressed in this review are independent and my own.


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