Let the Festivities Begin...

It’s nearly Christmas and the excitement from two small children in our house is growing by the day! I have to admit that I’m pretty excited too, I can’t wait to see the kid's faces on Christmas morning when they see what presents Father Christmas has left for them. I'm also looking forward to having quality family time, a relaxing two weeks off work with some Christmas tv, some lovely festive food and maybe a glass of wine or two.

We've had a busy month doing lots of Christmassy things, we've made snowman pictures, decorated a gingerbread house, been to various Christmas parties, been to the local panto and also had a visit from our Elf Edward. He's added a bit of extra Christmas magic for the kids and I think they'll miss him when he flies back to the North Pole on Christmas Eve!

One thing I love about Christmas is all the traditions that we have carried on from being children and the new ones that we've started with our own children. Aside from Elf on the Shelf and our night at the panto, we also really enjoy our annual family trip on the Santa Train, which is a great way to get everyone in the festive mood.

Christmas dinner is always turkey with cranberry sauce, roast potatoes and pigs in blankets and the obligatory sprout that my mum will serve me that I will sneak onto my dad’s plate. (I only escape the sprouts when it’s our turn to host Christmas dinner.) Followed by Christmas pudding or yule log for dessert even though we’ve all got full tummies.

We always leave the children's present sacks next to the fireplace for Father Christmas to fill, just like I did when I was growing up, and we each have our own present/toy pile in the living room for a few days until I can’t stand the clutter any more and we have a big tidy up.

I can’t imagine doing our Christmas day any other way and it’s interesting hearing what other people’s traditions are and how they differ to yours. Goose for dinner? Father Christmas leaving presents in bedrooms? Trifle for pudding? It seems strange to me and I can’t imagine doing Christmas day any differently to how we do it because, well, it wouldn’t feel like Christmas. But I know everybody’s Christmas traditions are different and if they didn’t have goose for dinner it wouldn’t feel like Chrismas Day to them.

One thing I know is that Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without family and whether you’re driving around visiting relatives all day or having a relaxing day at home you can guarantee it’s the family time and fun and laughter that make Christmas Day special and of course the yummy food and champagne help a little too!

Whatever your Christmas traditions are, I hope you have a very happy Christmas! xxx


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