Aldi Kitchen and Home Baking Range

With most of the nation caught up in the Great British Bake Off excitement, more and more of us are having a go at our own signature bakes. If you fancy having a go, Aldi has a new affordable range of kitchen and bakeware that means there's never been a better time to invest in some baking equipment or even update your old ones. The new Specialbuys range has everything you need from hand blenders to cookie cutters.

My new Aldi goodies include digital scales, a retro apron and a slow cooker, all available at really low prices but they're all good quality products. I love my gorgeous new apron (£4.99), it's like having a new outfit (even if it's one I'll only ever wear in the kitchen).

The digital scales are available in a selection of designs all at £6.99, the silver and white ones I have match my kitchen perfectly. The best thing about the scales is you can weigh liquid ingredients too which is really useful when some recipes don't have a milliletre conversion.

My favourite item is the slow cooker, I've always wanted a slow cooker and have considered buying one before but they always seem like a lot or money for something I might not use all year round so it's always put me off. However, this Aldi slow cooker is only £12.99! It's such a bargain and I know I'll use it a lot now we're into Autumn. I'll be cooking lots of stews and soups and I have a gorgeous pulled pork recipe that I'm dying to try out. The slow cooker even comes with some recipes to get you started.

The Specialbuys kitchen and home baking range is only available while stocks last so if you don't want to miss out, I'd get down to Aldi soon to see what they have left. Other items in the range include a Classic Stand Mixer (£69.99), Bread Maker (£39.99), 3 in 1 hand blender (£12.99) and a Mary Berry cookbook (£3.49) so you can recreate recipes from the Bake Off Queen herself!


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